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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 9:57 pm    Post subject: ALL RECRUITS OR APPLICANTS READ THIS FIRST Reply with quote

Welcome to Arisen :: Vanguard: Saga of Heros

As you can see Arisen has many members playing different games. Each Game has its own forums and leaders and members. Don't get to overwhelmed by it.

All Applicants need to meet the following criteria for the Vanguard Team:

1) Be Level 10 (In Any Sphere)
2) Be Age 16 or Older (Waived for Family/Friend Invites)
3) Read and Accept the following:

Members of Arisen must follow the code set forth in the Rules of Conduct. Those who do not follow this code will find themselves without map, food or guild:

As per the Conduct Policies bestowed upon us as players by SOE the guild will uphold those rules stated there.

The Arisen Rules of Conduct are as follows:
* Members may not harass other members with unwanted /whispers / tells / mail / messages or private messages.
* Members may not slander other members in public channels
* Members may not use racial or religious remarks in regards to anything.
* Members may not harass other guilds or players in a manner that is not in context of the game. This includes calling them racial or religious names in public channels or public message boards.
* Members may not post on other guilds' message boards unless itís a positive post
* Members may not share their character or account (exception being when that person is also a member of Arisen).
* Members may not play another guilded character and may not allow anyone to play their character in a guild event without officer permission. This includes raids, farming sessions, guild meetings, or other guild sponsored events.
* Members may not leak info about, explain tactics regarding, or lead raids that Arisen officers deem Closed Guild Content.
* Members may not show or explain tactics that Arisen uses to overcome targets.
* Members may not post in the public sections of the message board raid times, information or other sensitive material.
* Members will conduct themselves in a respectful and honored manner while dealing with opposing guilds or players.
* Members will respect and follow the Arisen's standards and rules while a member of Arisen, to include any rules stated here in the charter, within the raid guide for an event, noted on a raid, or any special conditions placed on you as a member.
* Members may not post an application to another guild while still a member of Arisen. Most Guilds frown upon applicants being guilded in another guild anyways.
* Members may not conspire to mislead other members in a manner that would result in their termination or discipline.

While in the world conduct yourself in a manner the bestows favorable respect for yourself and the guild you represent. Realize that other players see you and your guild tag as one. Your actions not only reflect on yourself but on Arisen as well. Conflicts will arise. When they do try to resolve them in a manner that leaves both parties on good terms or understanding each others' positions. Conflicts involving a guild member should be resolved through an officer. If one is not available in game, send one a PM on the message board. Conflicts involving other players outside of the guild should be resolved through their guild's officers or a GM. If you choose this resolution, do not suggest you represent Arisen. Clarify that you are representing only yourself, your observations, and the issues you personally have with the individual.

Your Application:

Please make a post in the Vanguard Recruitment Forum. If you do not have an account please create one. It helps if your message board account name matches your ingame name. In the post you create please list the following (Feel Free to copy and paste the list below):

[Primary Class]
[Primary Sphere]
[Time Zone] (we are looking for 6-10pEST players and 9-1aPST Players for our Raid Groups)
[Primary Playtime] (Days Times)
[Previous Vanguard Guild] (if any)
-What is your primary enjoyment of playing Vanguard?
-What other games have you played?

To speed up your application please contact an officer in game as soon as you post. Please also list any alts you may be playing so that we can find you ingame for any questions we may have or to invite you to Arisen. If you have grouped with any Arisen members please say who, they may give your application a bump and speed up your recruitment. We are always looking for Good Players.

Please remember Arisen is going to be a Raiding Guild. We are open to all players but only those who have good playtimes or are willing to put in the extra time will be able to Raid with us.

The Following Needs and Openings are as follows:


Warrior - OPEN
Paladin - OPEN
Dread Knight - OPEN

Rogue - OPEN
Ranger - OPEN
Monk - OPEN
Bard - OPEN

Disciple - OPEN
Blood Mage - OPEN
Shaman - OPEN
Cleric - OPEN

Sorcerer - OPEN
Necromancer - OPEN
Druid - OPEN
Psionicist- OPEN

We are currently looking for a Diplomacy Lead. If you like that part of the game or have a Character with 40+ Diplomacy please contact Axmo or Durich in game for special perks the guild is willing to give those applicants.


Please if you have any questions about your application or applying to Arisen contact a member or officer in game or Private Pasanine on this message board

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